Exploring the Hidden Gems: Wineries in Manson

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Exploring the Hidden Gems: Wineries in Manson


Manson, Washington, isn't just a scenic destination nestled by Lake Chelan; it's a vibrant mosaic of wineries, each with its own unique story, flavor, and atmosphere. From family-owned estates to innovative pioneers, the wineries in Manson offer an unparalleled journey through diverse viticultural landscapes.

Alta Cellars: Where Elegance and History Intertwine

Nestled in a historic firehouse, Alta Cellars offers an ambiance filled with charm and elegance. Their focus on producing limited quantities of fine wines ensures that each bottle is a reflection of their passion for winemaking. 

Amos Rome Vineyards: Boutique Excellence

Amos Rome Vineyards specializes in producing boutique wines that are rich in character and complexity. This small-scale winery focuses on quality over quantity, crafting each bottle with meticulous care. Their vineyard, with its stunning lake views, provides a tranquil setting for tasting and relaxation.

Ancestry Cellars: Family, Heritage, and Wine

Ancestry Cellars delves into the rich tapestry of family history and winemaking heritage. With a focus on creating wines that celebrate their family's roots, Ancestry offers a range of varietals that are as diverse and welcoming as the family itself.

Benson Vineyards Estate Winery: Elegance Meets Tradition

Benson Vineyards Estate Winery stands as a testament to the elegance and tradition of Manson's winemaking. The estate's Mediterranean-style tasting room and expansive outdoor patio offer an idyllic setting for savoring their award-winning wines. With a focus on estate-grown varietals, Benson Vineyards excels in producing Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and a delightful Viognier, among others. The attention to detail and dedication to sustainable practices are evident in the quality and complexity of their wines.

Cairdeas Winery: A Nod to Old World Style

Cairdeas (pronounced 'Cardis') Winery is an homage to Old World winemaking traditions, with a focus on Rhône varietals. This family-operated winery brings a slice of French winemaking to the heart of Washington, offering complex and aromatic wines that are a joy to explore.

CRS Winery: Tradition Meets Modernity

CRS Winery is where tradition blends seamlessly with modern winemaking techniques. Known for their meticulous vineyard management and innovative practices, CRS produces wines that are both expressive and balanced. Their dedication to quality shines through in their flagship varietals, providing a memorable tasting experience. 

Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards: Quirky with a Story

The intriguingly named Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards has a story as captivating as its wines. Inspired by Manson's rowdy past and a local legend involving a rowboat taxi service across Lake Chelan, this winery offers a unique blend of history, humor, and craftsmanship. The tasting room's vibrant atmosphere complements their diverse wine portfolio, which includes standouts like the Shameless Hussy Rosé and the Burnt Bridge Blend. A visit to Hard Row to Hoe is a journey through the playful and pioneering spirit of Manson's winemaking culture.

Lagrioth Wines: A New Star on the Horizon

Amidst the picturesque landscapes of Manson, Lagrioth Wines emerges as a compelling new star, contributing its unique voice to the region's rich viticultural tapestry. This boutique winery, though a relative newcomer to the scene, has quickly garnered attention for its distinctive approach to winemaking and its commitment to producing wines that not only reflect the terroir of Lake Chelan but also push the boundaries of conventional winemaking.

Lake Chelan Winery: A Pioneer in the Valley

As one of the pioneers of the Lake Chelan AVA, Lake Chelan Winery has played a significant role in shaping the region's wine identity. Visitors can explore a wide range of varietals, from crisp whites to robust reds, all while enjoying the stunning backdrop of the lake. The winery's BBQ in the Vineyard offers a unique dining experience that pairs perfectly with their wines.

Manson Cellars: The Essence of Manson

Manson Cellars captures the essence of the local terroir in each bottle. This boutique winery is known for its intimate tasting experience and exceptional wines that showcase the best of Manson's vineyards.

Navarre Coulee Winery: Nature's Bounty

Navarre Coulee Winery is inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds Manson. Their approach to winemaking is grounded in respect for the land and a commitment to sustainability, resulting in wines that are pure expressions of the region's bounty.

Radiance Winery: A Family Affair

At the heart of Manson's wine country lies Radiance Winery, a family-owned gem known for its warm hospitality and inviting tasting room. The focus here is on producing high-quality, small-batch wines that capture the essence of the region. Visitors can enjoy a range of varietals, from crisp, refreshing whites to bold, structured reds, all while soaking in the stunning lake views from the winery's deck. Radiance Winery's commitment to community and passion for winemaking shine through in every glass.

Silver Bells Winery: The Melody of the Vines

At Silver Bells Winery, every bottle tells a story of dedication and love for winemaking. This boutique winery specializes in handcrafted wines that capture the essence of the Manson terroir. The intimate tasting experience at Silver Bells offers a personal connection to the wine and the people behind it.

Succession Winery: A Legacy of Excellence

Succession Winery is a testament to resilience and quality. After overcoming natural adversity, Succession has emerged as a producer of exquisite wines that reflect the unique terroir of the area. Their welcoming tasting room and panoramic views make for an unforgettable visit where the beauty of Lake Chelan is matched only by the quality of the wine.

Tildio Winery: A Harmony of Flavors

Tildio Winery stands out for its commitment to sustainability and biodiversity. Their wines, made from estate-grown and locally sourced grapes, are a harmonious blend of flavors that reflect the winery's dedication to the environment and quality winemaking.

Tipsy Canyon Winery: Embracing the Landscape

Tipsy Canyon Winery boasts breathtaking views that are as captivating as their wines. Their estate reflects the rugged beauty of Manson while offering a portfolio of wines that are both robust and refined. The outdoor concert series during the summer months provides an enchanting backdrop for enjoying their exceptional wines.

Vibe Winery: The Heartbeat of Manson's Wine Scene

Vibe Winery captures the essence of Manson's community spirit. This winery is all about creating an atmosphere where guests can relax, enjoy, and feel the positive energy. With a focus on creating vibrant, approachable wines, Vibe is a place where every visitor can find something to love, making it a must-visit spot in the Lake Chelan wine trail.

WineGirl Wines: Unconventional and Bold

WineGirl Wines offers an edgy and unconventional approach to winemaking. Their tasting room in Manson is a vibrant space where creativity and bold flavors take center stage. Each wine is a reflection of the winemaker's passion and adventurous spirit.


The wineries of Manson, Washington, offer a diverse and enriching experience for all who visit. From the pioneers to the new innovators, each winery contributes to the tapestry of this vibrant wine community. Whether you're seeking bold reds, crisp whites, or something in between, Manson's wineries invite you to explore, taste, and enjoy the fruits of this extraordinary region.